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‘Know thyself’ — a motto made popular by the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, is universally considered to be a guide to mindful living and successful life. It rests on the bedrock of that fundamental condition for real achievement — knowledge. ‘Knowledge is Power’ is an aphorism that has been sounded since the beginning of time. We all intrinsically understand it and appreciate it. Yet, how many of us actually cultivate and use it?

In life and at work?

Eloquence, charisma, glib talk, strongly-worded sales pitch, are all great add-ons, and sparkling veneers. The glue that holds them together, is knowledge, and only knowledge. The sparkle must necessarily reveal the core, which is the substance of deep knowledge and understanding of the product, service or philosophy that one is promoting or selling.

Studies carried out by Harvard Business Review identified several characteristics associated with success in selling new products, predominant among which was product knowledge.

Sales personnel are the frontline warriors driving the sales of a business to achieve the goals set by the organization.

The first and most important arrow in his armory is the level and depth of the knowledge of the product or service that he is selling. It must be an arrow that has heft and is sharp. Only then can he reach his target.

Now let us examine why and how Product Knowledge is the first and most vital step to achieving success.

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This trait is easily discerned by a potential client when the salesperson presents his product with passion, has the competence to answer the client’s queries, and can guide and direct him towards a choice or decision. This is particularly relevant when the product is complex, and the audience is knowledgeable and aware of current trends in the industry.


Deep product knowledge translates to rock-solid confidence. This quality is apparent in the salesperson’s fluency and ease of communication with the client, the clarity regarding the product’s value, and how it can benefit the customer. Confidence begets confidence. The salesperson having won over the confidence of the client, can now consider cross-selling or even upselling to further achieve business goals, knowing that he has a keen and interested audience.

Communication vs Talking

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