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From SaaS to LaaS

Some fascinating stats:

  • 33% of companies are using more SaaS applications than they did in 2016
  • 38% of U.S. businesses fostered a SaaS exclusive workplace in 2017
  • $76 billion is the projected revenue of the SaaS market by 2020
  • SaaS and the ‘cloud’ are impacting businesses across industries
  • The eLearning industry will benefit the most from cloud-based services

Monetizing Training

One survey of over 3,000 U.S. workplaces found that a 10 percent increase in equipment value only increased productivity by 3.4 percent — but a 10 percent increase in training resulted in an 8.6 percent increase in productivity. Several tech-firms are already monetizing their training content successfully. Expect this trend to crystallize further as product-driven companies create an entire learning ecosystem that charges customers/users to learn how to use the product effectively. Monetizing of training content is likely to be a key eLearning trend for 2019.

Learning Experience Platform

Learning Management System, Training Management System, Talent Management System — the world of eLearning has assigned specific names for platforms used to deploy learning. Over the years each platform has had its ‘moment’. The flavor of the season will be the Learning Experience Platform or LXP. Essentially a learning solution that puts the learner at the center of learning and gives them greater control over what they wish to learn. At Origin, we have built a powerful LXP — Fractal, which is designed to foster both workplace and extended enterprise learning. As eLearning vendors race against time to develop and launch their proprietary LXPs; we believe that LXPs will be a major eLearning trend for 2019.

The Social Learning Gamble

Here are some interesting stats:

  • 70% to 90% of all workplace learning happens informally
  • 87% of employees believe that social knowledge sharing is essential
  • Roughly 60% of companies use some form of social learning

Mobile-First Learning

We have steadily seen smartphones take over our lives. From addicting us with games and entertainment that can be streamed to apps for social networks; the smartphone controls us. It is no wonder then that organizations are focused on creating distraction-free work environments. This has been systematically achieved by blocking non-work-related websites; though employees continue to fidget with their smartphones to post statuses and stream songs when at work. Expect learning content that’s designed specifically for mobile phones or rather mobile-first content that renders equally well on larger devices, a systemic shift from the responsive design websites. This report from Forrester states ‘Why Mobile is the Face of Digital’. Expect 2019 to be the year, when ‘mobile-first learning’ truly takes off and we see learning content that’s produced specifically for consumption via smartphones.

Augmented Intelligence or Intelligence Augmentation

The past few years, we have seen how Artificial Intelligence(AI) is steadily finding its way into day-to-day activities. Chatbots powering conversations between prospective clients and brands, basic automated replies that auto-populate on your device when you need to reply to an email or a message, reminders and notifications for official and personal events; these are all examples of AI at work.

Personalization that Drives Results

‘Return on Investment’ or RoI is a term that L&D managers dread, the Finance team loves, and plagues senior management. Even if you are funded by deep pockets, every expense is still cash outflow. If the shiny new eLearning program, which has been deployed for your staff, does not bring any measurable change in the way your employees work better; then your investment is a failure. So how does one go about meeting this challenge?

Employee Engagement

No, we aren’t talking about games that take place in the cafeteria once a month or on alternate Fridays. We are looking at how organizations can enhance employee productivity and happiness by creating engaging learning solutions. Thought-leader and eLearning expert — Josh Bersin states that the employee engagement market is worth about $1 billion and is growing. Expect eLearning vendors to come up with revolutionary products designed to foster employee engagement through innovative digital platforms.

Game Thinking and Visualization

Intelligently designed games and tasks within eLearning solutions have been used for a long time by learning designers. What lies next is designing the entire eLearning solution by deploying a ‘Game Thinking’ philosophy. Visualize the entire learning solution as a powerful game and your learners as players or participants. Expect game thinking to play a powerful role in workplace learning design in 2019.

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