Seven Tips to Create Engaging Game-Based Learning

Who does not like a good game? It activates the mind and when it is a physical activity it helps the body to remain fit as well. In this blog post, we will be exploring how games can be used in eLearning programs to enrich the content and help learners understand concepts better.

Why Add Games?

Here are some stats:

When compared to traditional instructional training, simulation game-based training:

  • Results in 20% higher self-efficiency
  • Ensures 9% greater retention
  • Offers 11% greater declarative knowledge
  • Offer 14% greater procedural knowledge

Now let us examine some tips to create engaging game-based learning.

Think Like a Game Designer

Add the Fun Element

Social Sharing & Collaboration

Watch renowned tech-evangelist and thought-leader Rashim Mogha share her inputs on social learning and learning as a service in this interesting video.

Progress from Easy to Tough

Game-Based Learning that Empowers the Learner

Align Learner and Organizational Goals

What is the purpose of a creating an eLearning program?

  • It should help learners achieve specific objectives that are laid out at the beginning of the program.
  • If it is designed for employees within the organization, it should help them acquire new skills and work with greater efficiency.
  • It should be less expensive and more efficient than a regular instructor-led training program.

The games that are integrated within the learning program should be aligned with the objectives set out in the program and be linked to the organization’s goals of corporate learning and financial growth. The games should not be a cosmetic addition and add genuine value to the program.

User Experience in Game-Based Learning

  • What does this game do?
  • Does it add any value to the learners/users of the program?
  • Is the game in sync with the rest of the learning content?
  • Is the branding consistent?
  • Are the instructions clear?
  • Does the game and the eLearning program work seamlessly across different devices?

The illustration below reproduced from the Gamasutra blog offers insight on the stages of game design and the importance of user experience.

Offer learners an immersive gaming experience within the eLearning program so that it helps them remember the core content of the program and lets them achieve the pre-determined learning outcomes.

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